Lista de Exposiciones

2012 - Panza Verde, Antigua, Guatemala - Random Intent (Azar con Intención) (Absichtliicher Zufall)
2013 - Casa 3Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua - Agitation (Inquietud) (Unruhe)
2014 - Casa 3Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua - Words out of Splashes (Palabras desde Manchas) (Worte aus Klecksen)
2014 - Panza Verde, Antigua, Guatemala - “Airlines – visible and invisible” (Líneas Aéreas – visible e invisible), (Luftlinien, sichtbare und unsichtbare)
2015 - Casa No’j, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala - Mocean
2015 - Casa Cakchiquel, Panajachel, Guatemala - Retrospektive, Retrospectiv
2016 - Casa No’j, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala - Encuentro Luhmann Bondioli, Encounter Luhmann Bondioli, Begegnung Luhmann Bondioli
2016 - Casa Cakchiquel, Panajachel, Guatemala - Encuentro Luhmann Bondioli, Encounter Luhmann Bondioli, Begegnung Luhmann Bondioli
2016 - PanAmericanArte, Regensburg, Germany - Migración, (Migration), (Wanderung)
2016 - Galerie Bunsen, Stuttgart, Germany - Migración, (Migration), (Wanderung)

PanamericanArte Galerie, Regensburg - Migración

PAAG 2016 06 Flyer 01    PAAG migracion web2000





Exposition, Regensburg, Germany
22 July - 22 September 2016


Mocean, Exposicion de Pintura - Casa NO'J - Quetzaltenango

Moceanexposicon de pinturas kl

Preparations for 'Mocean'- Series for the exposition in Quetzaltenango, July '15

More will be announced.


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Antigua - Panza Verde, Air Lines

Air Lines
– visible and invisible –

The idea for the title came up, when I received a blank white postcard from the German artist Elke Grundmann, which she called 'Airlines, air on white'. At first I was hesitating to choose this theme, after the mysterious disappearance of the plane from the Malaysian Airline, thinking, it could be misunderstood.

I have approached 'Air Lines – visible and invisible' from three different angles: philosophical, neurophysiological, and artistic.

An installation of lines out of air zigzags across the exposition rooms. One sees, that one does not see. Practically one sees nothing and if willed can purchase nothing, per meter.
When we perceive nothing, our brain tends to add something, usually something that could or should be there instead, something from the surrounding environment.
A neurophysiological example is the so-called blind spot, a lack of photoreceptor cells, where the optic nerve enters the retina. In our daily lives, we don't see, that we have a black spot in the visual field on both sides, unless we reveal it be means of an optical trick.

A telephone line painted in front of a house creates space. It works even better, if the line were behind the house, and only appeared on either side of it. We then start imagining the part of the line, that isn't painted. The French impressionist Edgar Degar once said: "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see".

These paintings will show both visible and invisible lines.

Clemens Luhmann, Panajachel 2014

Click HERE to view the paintings in the Gallery.

Below photos from the exposition at la Panza Verde, July 2014. 





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Casa de los Tres Mundos - Inquietud - Nicaragua


Panajachel - La Galeria - 'Cambio - CHANGE - Wandel'

La Galeria - Panajachel


Exposición Colectiva


" Cambio - CHANGE - Wandel "


Inauguración: Miércoles, 19 de Diciembre -5 PM


Antigua - Meson Panza Verde


Panajachel - La Galeria

panajachel-la-galeria September 2012