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Luhmann's Random Intent

Clemens Luhmann was born in Germany in 1965, the son of sociologist Niklas Luhmann, and his wife, goldsmith Ursula Luhmann. He grew up in Bielefeld, a college town in northwestern Germany.

Luhmann first traveled to Latin America in 1987. After his early travels, he studied medicine and went on to work as a general surgeon in the 1990s. At the end of the millennium, he moved to Guatemala, where he now resides with his family at Lake Atitlan.

Luhmann has been painting since childhood, guided by his mother's teaching on the one hand, and his father's esthetic inspiration on the other. He later went on to study with American artist Guido Bondioli.

Luhmann's painting has evolved from realistic- expressionistic origins to a unique abstract expressionism.

"By letting go of concrete figures, I empty my mind, unlock my imagination, allowing to connect with the painting on a variety of emotional and intuitive levels. I compose contrasty colors and patterns creating an array of possible worlds."

"As in the microscopic cellular world of the human body, I discover ever more details and lose myself in a fantastic world. The esthetics of the micro- and macroscopic human body provide an abundance of ideas and suggestions, though I never think of specific figures or forms while painting, resulting in the intersection of intent and randomness."

Luhmann is also editor of the book "Poesie als Passion" ("Poetry as a Passion"), an anthology of poems, which has been published in Germany in the year 2012.